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The tennis racket effect and Abelian integrals

Vrijeme: 28.10.2020
Predavaonica: vir
Predavač: Pavao Mardešić, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon
Naziv: The tennis racket effect and Abelian integrals

The talk is scheduled in virtual setting, using Zoom platform. The talk will also be live-streamed via YouTube. During the meeting, the questions can be posed via chat or audio for participants in the meeting. Everybody interested is invited to participate in the Zoom meeting, with the limit of 100 participants, or to follow the live-broadcast.

Link to Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 848 3055 1349

Link to YouTube live broadcast will be put here 10 minutes before the talk:

The talk will be in English.

ABSTRACT: I will present joint results with G. Gutierrez and physicists L. Van Damme and D. Sugny on the phenomenon of tennis racket, that have recently been published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters journal:


The phenomenon can be described as follows. Hold a tennis racket by the handle and throw it in the air, so that the head of the racket makes a full turn before you catch it again by the handle. What can be observed is that the head of the racket will additionally flip sides (the side that was up will be down and vice versa). It is not a simple rotation.

We will explain this phenomenon using Riemann surfaces and Abelian integrals. We will also study a skateboarding trick called the monster flip. This trick seems to be in contradiction with the effect of a tennis racket and we will specify the narrow area where that figure is possible. Along the way, we will also explain the spectacular phenomenon that the Soviet astronaut Dzhanibekov discovered in zero gravity.

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