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Besselian systems of integer translates

Vrijeme: 11.11.2020
Predavaonica: vir
Predavač: Tomislav Berić, PMF-MO
Naziv: Besselian systems of integer translates

The talk is scheduled in virtual setting, using Zoom platform. The talk will also be live-streamed via YouTube. During the meeting, the questions can be posed via chat or audio for participants in the meeting. Everybody interested is invited to participate in the Zoom meeting, with the limit of 100 participants, or to follow the live-broadcast.

Link to Zoom meeting:


Meeting ID: 858 7882 5739

Link to YouTube live broadcast will be put here 10 minutes before the talk:

The talk will be in English.

ABSTRACT: Integer translates of square integrable functions appear in several important reproducing function systems such as wavelet and Gabor systems. We will consider shift invariant spaces, which are spaces generated by these translates, and the frame-like and basis-like behaviour of their generating families with a special emphasis on their convergence properties. We will investigate the set of coefficients for which we have convergence and that will naturally lead us to the classical Banach space theory notions of Hilbertian and Besselian systems applied to the Fourier analysis setting.

This talk is based on joint work with Hrvoje Šikić.

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