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The uniformization problem for Stein manifolds

Vrijeme: 5.5.2004
Predavaonica: 005
Predavač: Prof. dr. Franc Forstneric, University of Ljubljana
Naziv: The uniformization problem for Stein manifolds

A Stein manifold is a complex manifold which admits a proper
holomorphic embedding into a complex Euclidean space. Examples
include open Riemann surfaces and domains of holomorphy over $C^n$.
Every n-dimensional Stein manifold admits a holomorphic immersion
into $C^k$ with $k=[3n/2]$, but in general not to a lower dimensional
space. In this talk I will discuss progress on the following
outstanding classical problem:

Does every n-dimensional Stein manifold with trivial tangent bundle
admit a holomorphic immersion to $C^n$ ?

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