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Topological aspects of diffraction

Vrijeme: 6.4.2011
Predavaonica: 005
Predavač: Marcy Barge, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University, USA
Naziv: Topological aspects of diffraction

Quasi-crystals were first produced in laboratories in the mid ’80’s and
have recently been discovered in nature. These are highly ordered, but non-periodic,
materials with diffraction spectra exhibiting Bragg peaks (bright spots) much like true
crystals. Mathematical models of quasi-crystals are now well developed and it turns
out that Topological Dynamics plays a surprising role in the analysis of the diffraction
properties of these models. I’ll explain this connection and give a brief introduction
to the Pisot Conjecture, which, roughly, asserts that all quasi-crystals created from a
“Pisot” substitution have pure point diffraction spectra.

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